CALVO Forged originated from the concern and passion for thefurniture of its founder and still president Jose Antonio Calvo Lopez. At present this solid and projection firm devotes 30% of its production for export, without ever forgetting the domestic market which J.CALVO today is reference.

Calvo J.Antonio



Craftsmanship and experience

José Antonio Calvo back in 1966 started in the furniture sector .Hace more than 40 years in a modest carpentry workshop, the craftsmanship was the key to the development of a quality item.


With sacrifice and perseverance every day was joining different components, can today boast of having succeeded in uniting the craft, skill, creation ... all essential in those days in the manufacture of chairs and armchairs, with the most current and leading advances in industrial technology , so it has become a solid company in constant growth and excellent human and technical resources capable of designing and developing quality products and quality.