The environment is the set of all living things around us. It get the raw materials we use throughout our lives. That is why, when we walked over or misuse of natural resources we have at our disposal, the world gets slowly in danger.

The air and water are both essential for living are polluting, so we must raise awareness of how we use them. Defending the environment is part of J.CALVO, as we become dynamic agent and so from here we encourage cooperation which will ensure us a better future and a healthier country.

J.CALVO as a family assume both individual and collective attitudes in defense of the environment, seeking solutions that prevent pollution and degradation. So deteriorated that the environment is, J.CALVO required to assume responsibilities, environmental pollution and the dangers they pose to the development of our society, in order to contribute to counter them.

In short, J.CALVO aims to be a leader in design, quality and service, carrying out a Simple business and promoting, above all, human and social relations and the care and environmental protection.